Sofia’s Place


Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia is one of the big three museums in Madrid. It was the first one we visited. It is known more for contemporary art. But the big reason why one goes to the Reina Sofia is for Picasso’s Guernica.


This is just a photo of the post card I bought. There are some areas in the museum where photos are allowed and some not. Guernica = no photos.

I didn’t really know anything about Guernica until last spring. I was delivering a survey to senior classes at school and I walked into a CIS (College In the Schools) English class. The teacher had a stack of articles about Picasso’s Guernica. When I saw it, I mentioned to the teacher that I’d be seeing it this summer. He asked if I’d like a copy of the article. Naturally, I took it. If you click on either of the links, you’ll get to the Wikipedia page and a Picasso site page. Both give in detail what the painting signifies. But the article that I got from this teacher talked about this being one of (if not the first) the first works by Picasso that made a statement about what was happening in the world. This dramatic piece about the horrors of war did not make it to Spain until Franco was gone. It arrived in 1981. After a few different locations, it’s now found in the Reina Sofia.

Anther artist that you can enjoy at Sofia’s place is Salvador Dali. Here was one I liked…

Dali at Reina Sofia

In Madrid, our plan was to hit the big three museums. One down, two to go. They are definitely worth your time!