No H2O

No H2O

I’m a swimmer. I’ve got a problem. My pool is closed this month. They’re fixing the ventilation system and giving the pool a good cleaning job. That’s great, but I need that thing filled with water to do my favorite exercise (and keep my sanity).

I thought about trying to find some teachers and swimming at school. But it’s too hard to plan a time that works for everyone. Students stay after and the next thing you know, it’s too late. Not swimming for a month didn’t seem like an option for me. I can go a few weeks. But swimming has become sort of like meditation for me. The steady breathing, concentrating on counting my laps and not getting distracted with other thoughts have all been great side effects of becoming a lap swimmer.

So what is my solution? There’s a gym near my house that has a smaller pool. It’s still the same length, just in a smaller space. They have a month to month membership, so I’ve got that for 2 months. It’s convenient and is open earlier and later than the community center. So for the month, and then some, it will work.

I’ve been there three times. People don’t come to this place to lap swim. The lap lanes are more narrow and there are 2 lanes blocked off. Four people can comfortably swim laps, if needed. Sharing a lane might be tricky because of the narrowness. There is no life guard but there are windows to the pool and there’s a steam room on one end. It took me a little while to figure out why so many people walked through the pool area. Since the men’s locker room is at the other end, men strutting, without shirts, through the pool area is not uncommon.

At the community center, there are all sorts of people. All ages, various ability levels, families, people who are handicapped, not just physically but mentally too. People are there to get a work-out. At this other place, people are there to get a work-out all right. But the clientele is a bit different. I don’t really care what I look like when going to a gym. Not the case here. People make a point to look good at the new place. There are also personal trainers galore to help you achieve your fitness goals. Now that I think about it, they’ve got way more people than would be necessary. In short, these aren’t my peeps.

When I first hatched this plan, I honestly was thinking that I may possibly switch gyms because this other one is closer to my house. Heck, I can walk to it. But now that I’ve been a few times, my gut instinct from before is right. I’m just not as comfortable here. I miss my lap swimming peeps from the community center. I don’t think my community center friends would care about having 20 inch biceps. Yes, there is a bit of eye-candy at the new place. But there’s more to life than the package.


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