BINGO! Well… almost…

Another school year has started. You probably could have guessed that since I haven’t posted anything in several weeks. I’ve got about 160 students in my five classes. But so far, things are going quite well and I’m enjoying them. One kind of cool thing about this year is the exchange students. I know of five exchange students and I have four of them in my classes. So I almost have exchange student bingo. But not quite… It will be fun to get to know these kids throughout the year. Seeing them experience a Minnesota winter will be quite interesting. I’m pretty confident that Finland and Germany will have no problem. But France and Sardinia, Italy might be in for a shock. A couple of my teaching colleagues are the hosts for a few of these students. It has been fun to see the documentation of “firsts” for these kids. The State Fair, the first taste of Doritos, first taco, football game, etc. The hosts are definitely having an enjoyable experience along with the students. I’m looking forward to getting to know them and I’m secretly hoping that I can recruit them for the Math Team.

The other thing that is new this year is our tech initiative and Personalized Learning. We’re a district that is getting into the iPad thing. The kids won’t get them until early November. But as a teacher, I’ve been to a few trainings and got mine in August. One thing I have done this year is figure out how to put my “notes” up on a Google Drive. I got the emails of my students the first week and invited them to my Google Drive. When I’m done with my notes, I turn them into a pdf file and post them on Google Drive. I have no idea how many kids are accessing it, but it will be nice to say that the notes are on the Google Drive if they miss a class. I’ve also posted the worksheets and assignment lists. We’ll see how well this works, but so far, it’s not much extra work on my part and will probably save me some time and paper.

Hopefully I’ll have some time to write more in the next few weeks, now that school is under control. My mom had major surgery and is in recovery, so that has also been taking up some time. I still have a lot to write about Spain, but as you can see, I’m a bit slow… Hang in there, dear reader. I’ll be back.