Optical Illusions at the Taj


Seeing the Taj Mahal is incredible. But there’s something interesting about your approach. A cool optical illusion is set for you.

When you walk through the main gate to the gardens of the Taj, your view changes as you approach. My first photo is fuzzy. It’s from further away, outside of the building in which one walks through. You can only see a portion of the Taj. It appears to be enormous.


As you walk closer, your perspective changes. Part way in, you see the building, but not the minarets.


As you make your way closer to the arched doorway, you can see more of the Taj.


This building appears to be gigantic at first because you can’t see the entire structure on your approach. As you get closer, you’re able to view more of it so it appears to be smaller as you walk through the gate.

And in case you’re curious, this is the view from the Taj of the gate building.



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