Block Printing on Fabric

Have you ever wondered how they print those pretty patterns on fabric? While in India, we got a demonstration at Jaipur Handicrafts. The dyes are all natural and they use a solution of vinegar and water to set the color. Our demonstration was very quick, so we didn’t see the printing of a piece of fabric. But you could easily get the idea of how it’s done.


The blocks are dipped in a dye and then set, very carefully, on the fabric. Depending on the colors and complexity, they are done in several steps. At the end, the fabric is dipped in the vinegar and water solution to set the color. It was interesting because the solution actually changed the colors a bit.

Block Printing

There was a work in progress of a fabric with a pattern. Here’s the start and the finish.




One Response to “Block Printing on Fabric”

  1. dkzody Says:

    This is such a beautiful way of putting a design on fabric. Seems like lots of work. Sort of like your rug. No wonder it takes so long to make it.

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