Racing the Sunrise

The flight from Delhi to Chicago is the longest flight I’ve taken – nearly 16 hours. We took off at 2:30 am. After a few hours we caught up with the sunrise. As we fly west, the time zones that we cross, it is Friday morning down below. As we pass over, it is just before sunrise. We’ve made it over Greenland and now will be over Newfoundland. As we fly south to Chicago, I imagine the sun will catch up with us. Our arrival is supposed to be around 7:30 am. Like everywhere else, it’s Friday morning.

The longest Friday morning was yesterday, April 4th, written on the plane. Kind of interesting to think about traveling with time…


One Response to “Racing the Sunrise”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Can you imagine explaining this to someone who lived in the 1800s? Time travel!

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