Bottom-Up vs Top-Down

Healing, that is.

I do get a fair number of people who search for information on excisions, re-excisions and melanoma in-situ. So I’m just putting up an informational post about healing.

I recently had a mole removed. It was moderate atypical, but the margins weren’t clear. I had to go back in so my dermatologist could get a larger “scoop” of the area. While I was there, I showed them pictures of a reaction I was having. I have been having reactions like this since I got my three re-excisions last August. I thought I was having issues with the adhesive from the bandages. It turns out that it was the bacitracin.

It is recommended that you let these heal from the bottom up. That means using some kind of ointment and keeping them covered while they heal. Because of my reaction, I was keeping them uncovered, since I thought it was the band-aid causing the problem. As a result, I’ve had recent ones heal from the top down. When you do this, it creates a small bump. So you need to ask yourself, do I want my scar to be an “inny” or an “outy?” Now that I’ve had my time for experimentation and can see the results, I’d recommend the “inny” version.

So for people wanting to know what it looks like… Very irritating.

Here’s the skin reaction to the bacitracin.


Here’s the same area healed from the bottom up.


Lastly, here’s one on the top of my shoulder from last August that healed from the top down.


If you are allergic to bacitracin, plain vaseline petroleum jelly works great!


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