What have I learned in the last few weeks? I had a pretty good case of denial. About what? Snacking. Random eating. How did I learn this? After having my Invisalign braces for less than two weeks, I’m down four pounds.

I have pretty much gotten used to them. I’m still aware that they’re there. But it’s not such a strange feeling now. I’m almost ready to switch to my second set, so my teeth have moved since I started. Talking is fine. There are some words that I find more difficult. The “s” and “th” sounds can be tricky, but not impossible. When I went to church last Sunday I realized that singing is harder. I think that one produces more saliva with these, so I was afraid I might accidentally spit while singing. Yeah, you really wanted to learn that, right?

Since it’s a hassle to take them out often, it’s much easier to eat at the usual times. Breakfast is usually 15-20 minutes for me. Lunch is about 30 minutes total. At school my “lunch” is at 10:06, so I eat half of it then and half during my PLC prep 7th period. For dinner I usually have them out for an hour and try not to rush myself. So I think I’m getting my roughly 22 hours per day with the liners. I’m more conscious of my food choices and aware of when I’m “full.” After dinner, I do the cleaning and brushing process and I’m good to go until the next day. Am I hungry when I used to snack? Nope. Not at all. Another benefit? I’m ready for bed earlier so I think I’m getting more sleep.

I have yet to go to dinner or be in a social situation with them. I definitely like the weekends when it’s easy to brush and clean them after each round of food. The only tricky thing about having these is your eating and drinking habits are altered. I have an event in late February about Prohibition Era cocktails that I’m attending. Snacks and beverages will be provided. So that will be a little tricky. I’ll test what it’s like to go out to dinner on Monday. So I’m still in the learning process with these things, but so far it’s going well. And my little bit of weight loss: bonus!


One Response to “Denial”

  1. Peggy VW Says:

    I hope you weren’t too self conscious. I thought you handled social eating and drinking very well last week!

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