Talking to Myself…


Look what I got today. It’s the beginning of the Invisalign adventure. I’m starting out with 5 sets of liners. After 2 weeks, I swap out these and go onto set 2. And so on, and so on. They are kind of cool. I can definitely tell that something is happening in my mouth. Depending on where I’m at in my treatment there’s pressure on certain teeth to move. Some won’t be moving until late in the process. Others will be along for the entire ride.

The goal is to wear them 22 hours per day. So basically, they’re in unless you’re eating or brushing your teeth. Today was the last day that I will be bringing my morning tea to school. Water is what I’ll be drinking throughout the day. I’ll probably bring an extra tooth-brush and paste to keep at school. It will be interesting to see how I do with it all. I’m known for being a slow eater. Now I’ll have one more thing to do during my already short lunch period.

The other thing that will be interesting is to see how this affects my snacking habits. I’m wondering if this might turn into the Invisalign weight loss program. I’m sort of hoping that’s a side effect. But for the time being, I’m talking to myself. It’s a little different to talk with these on your teeth. So far my talking seems fine. But every once in a while when I come across a word with several s’s I can tell that I need to practice. The feel on the inside of your lips where they rest on your teeth is different now since the plastic is there. That’s the other new sensation. Talking in class tomorrow will definitely be different than usual. So for now, the adventure begins!


2 Responses to “Talking to Myself…”

  1. Dani Says:

    How long you need to wear them for them to have an effect?

    • certainabsurdity Says:

      22 hours per day and however many weeks the orthodontist schedules. I’m set for at least 48 weeks. I’ve gotten used to them, so it feels weird when I take them out.

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