Inspired by a former student.


One of my former students was posting what she was making for the holidays on Facebook. I had totally forgotten about these delicious little things. I had actually never made them before. The first time I had them was when a student gave me a little holiday care package and some of these were included. They’re not difficult to make, yet they are so good! I happened to have the recipe filed away. Again, I got it from another student. This must be a staple of the East Side, regardless of your race – Hmong, white, African – American, they all make them and eat them.

It’s just a package of Oreo cookies and a block of cream cheese. Mash up the Oreos into crumbly bits. Mix in a block of cream cheese (most easily done with your hands). Make little bite size balls. Dip them in almond bark. If you want to add a little decoration, drizzle chocolate or shake some sprinkles over the top. I made one batch with regular oreos and the second batch with the mint oreos. Each batch makes about 25 – 30 of those little balls.

And one of the best parts of living in the “north country” is that you don’t need any extra freezer space. Just set your pans in the garage when your done so the almond bark can solidify.


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