“You Look Absolutely Exhausted!”

Really? You think so? Guess what? I’m not! You basically just told me, “you look like crap.”

Do people really think that this is something you should say to someone? Apparently they do. Because someone said it to me last night.

I am a very low-key person. I don’t get excited easily. I’m pretty sure the word “perky” doesn’t come to mind when people think of me. I’m quiet, thoughtful, level-headed, and a whole bunch of other nice adjectives. But all of those words don’t translate into looking exhausted. And even if I was exhausted, do you think I want someone to point it out to me?

We all know someone who has asked a heavier woman, “When are you due?” only to find out that she’s not pregnant. I never ask someone when they’re due unless I know without at doubt that they are, indeed, pregnant. Same goes for this. It’s not a compliment. So keep it to yourself. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. Isn’t this one of those rules you learn in kindergarten?

So just a word of advice… Think before you comment on someone’s appearance. You might think it means one thing, but when it comes out of your mouth it can be interpreted as another.

End of rant…


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