How many email addresses should one have?

I’m in the position where I have to retire my long-standing email address. I’ve had this provider for probably, 14 years. I’ve been with them since I got an internet connection with a dial-up modem. I then switched to DSL. Eventually I needed wi-fi when I got the laptop. I’ve been wanting to increase my internet speed but didn’t want to leave my provider. Well, about a month ago I got the notice that they were discontinuing their home service. I was bummed.

My month of warning is up and now I’ve made the switch. I just did the easy thing and went through my phone company. I was already getting part of the service through them and had the router/modem thingy of theirs. The changeover was supposed to be a “flip of a switch” according to the guy I talked to about a week ago. Well, the switch was flipped yesterday. Guess what? No internet.

This morning I spent 45 minutes on the phone, trouble-shooting with Geno. There were a few things that needed to be changed, therefore not quite as simple as the first dude, Rob, implied.  As many of you have experienced, getting tech support over the phone consists of some dead space, possibly some uncomfortable silence while you wait for the machines to do their thing. So, I asked Geno where he was. The Philippines. He was a full 13 hours ahead of me.  He was super helpful and very patient and did have to do a fair amount of problem solving. Now, the change in my internet speed feels like I when I went from dial-up to dsl. Whee!

After each call, they mentioned that the company will send a survey about the customer service I received. Of the two experiences, I’d say Rob, in Salt Lake City had mediocre service. As a teacher, I want things explained and had to ask several questions. I was tempted to ask him how old he was. And at the end of the call, he flat-out asks me to rate him well on his customer service. Geno, in the Philippines, however, had fantastic customer service and never asked me to rate him as such. There’s something wacky when the customer service rep has to ask you to rate them well…

But onto my original question… How many email addresses should one have? I have my work email. I had set up a Gmail account awhile ago to keep stuff like Facebook separate from my primary email. I still have to switch over many of the promotional emails that I get to a new address. I can have one through the phone company providing my internet. Do I use that for personal/sensitive stuff? I don’t know? Do you have an opinion about keeping separate email addresses? The work/personal email separation is an easy line to draw. But what about all of the other stuff that we do online?


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