Closed seemed to be a relative term in Washington, DC this week. We had some time Tuesday afternoon where we were supposed to go to the Capitol and visit our senators and representatives. Getting an appointment during the shutdown wasn’t exactly happening. There were some skeleton crews for various politicians. We couldn’t meet with ours, so I decided to go to the mall area and wander around and see what I could see amidst the shutdown.


I’ve got a few pictures where you can see how the fences blocking off some of the monuments had been moved and lots of people went in anyway. You can see that the fence has been moved by the reflecting pool at the Washington Monument in the photo above. The top photo is from the MLK monument. Once again, the fence was moved aside. Park rangers weren’t in sight, so we went in.

This was the case at the World War 2 Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Memorial also. Some of the memorials there were enough people there so you didn’t feel like a total rule breaker. For example, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the picture below.


I thought the Korean War Memorial was really cool. And once again, the gate is pretty well pushed open with a fair amount of people already inside.





The thing that I didn’t realize about being there during the shutdown is that there were significantly fewer people wandering around these monuments than normal. Think about it. When are you able to get a photo of just you in front of a memorial?


I took advantage of this at the MLK memorial.


It’s possible that we got lucky with the lack of park rangers and police because of a protest about immigration that was further down the mall. Whatever the case was, I was glad that I was able to see as much as I did. We probably did about 2 hours worth of power walking to see what we did. It’s a bummer that we couldn’t go to any of the museums. There were a few non-governmental ones that were open, but we just didn’t  have enough time. I guess I’ll have to go back!


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