The Bell

A few years ago I went to the Bell Museum for another class. If you want to read about the basics during that visit, click here. They are known for their dioramas and educational programs, including a Touch and See room. I detailed most of that in my previous post.

For this visit we were able to learn about the Bell’s Exlporadome. The Exploradome is basically a portable planetarium. The camera happened to be out at a school today, but we still got to experience the software capabilities, just not on the dome. They have a dome set up on their lower level and they also have a portable dome that they can take to your school. It can help integrate earth and space content in the classroom. The software has been developed by NASA. If you’re curious, it was suggested that we check out “Eyes on the Solar System” from NASA. I haven’t delved into this site yet, but it looks like you can download some software to trace particular missions. Since my school is now a magnet for Aerospace and Engineering, I think it might be helpful to have the Bell people over for an inservice or something like it for our staff. It would be good to know about the available resources while we’re in the process of developing this program.

The Bell also has exhibits that rotate from time to time. Right now, the rotating exhibit is about Soil. They had soil samples from most states and informational stations.


This station was interesting because you could see the difference of water movement through sand, silt and clay. The water moved through fastest from left to right. The clay was the slowest.


A new thing that I learned this time is that the Bell offers Professional Development for teachers. If I ever need to learn about invertebrates, dissecting a grasshopper, insect pinning and plant pollination, the Bell looks like a great resource. I wasn’t very excited to return to the Bell, but I’m glad I did and learned about their Exploradome. I think that is something that my school needs to use as a great resource!



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