My first boat!


Ok… it’s a kayak. But I’m totally excited about it!

I was thinking about getting a kayak or a stand up paddle board. Do you know how expensive those stand-up paddle boards are? Yikes! You can get spendy kayaks too. But I’m a beginner and I don’t need the deluxe model. I looked online to see about my different options. REI seemed to have a decent selection. And I found one in m price range that was actually in a store. So on Thursday, I went over and got it. Luckily for me, it’s only 8 feet long and can fit in my car. I have to put the back seats down and the front passenger seat. But it fits! And since it’s a single kayak and it’s just for me anyway, it’s perfect!

I took it to the cabin on Friday. I waited until Saturday to try it out. The water was nice and smooth. I paddled down to the point and back – a decent distance to paddle. I really liked it! It’s so peaceful and a nice way to get around on the water.

When I got back I noticed I had already developed blisters on each thumb. Anyone know any remedies other than just building up how tough the skin is there? Athletic tape? Gloves?

The plan is to have it up at the cabin. I think in the fall I’ll bring it back and keep it in my garage over the winter. There’s enough stuff that needs to fit in the garage at the cabin. So my little kayak will be fine at my house. And who knows? Maybe I’ll decide that I want to kayak on the lakes around here?


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