This is what it looked like Friday morning in Istanbul. After almost a full week of cloudy, cool weather, the sun was finally shining. Our flight left just after noon. Oh well. When you travel, you’ve got to be able to enjoy where you’re at no matter if the weather gods cooperate or not.

Our hotel was in the Sultanahmet area of the Old Town. Whenever we walked anywhere, we passed between Hagia Sophia (above) and The Blue Mosque (below).


This is the main area that is crazy-busy with tourists. There are lots of sights to see in Istanbul. But these are usually on the top of everyone’s list. Topkapi Palace is on the ‘right’ side and behind Hagia Sophia. So that’s another tourist magnet for the area. Over the next few weeks I’ll probably be blogging about my recent adventures and posting some photos.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in the interior of these buildings, here are a few more photos. I’ll bet you can guess which one belongs to each building.




One Response to “Istanbul!”

  1. PVW Says:

    I’m looking forward to more photos and stories soon!

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