Latest Project


In an effort to get organized, I’m getting cabinets put up in my laundry room. My dad found some on sale that fit my requirements. The only catch was that they were on sale until 5 pm Christmas Eve. After church we made a mad dash over to Menard’s to get them.

Before I have them installed, I decided that I needed to paint. So right after Christmas, I was busy prepping and painting. I decided on the same color as my bathroom – 3am Latte by Hirschfield’s. I like the color and it fits with the rest of my house. Painting around the furnace is not an easy task, nor is moving the washing machine and dryer. But, it can be done.


This morning, my dad and his friend are coming over to install the cabinets above the washing machine and dryer. I’ll post an update when they’re done. My goal to de-clutter and get more organized will be much easier when this project is done.


2 Responses to “Latest Project”

  1. dkzody Says:

    That heater is quite the contraption. I’m guessing you need a heavy duty heater in your cold temps. Ours is a dual-pac (AC & heating) on our roof. There is no room in this tiny house for such a large piece of equipment as you have. Is your heater gas? Or do you have to buy heating fuel and store that too? I have realized how much simpler our life is in a warm climate.

    On another subject, it is Hmong New Year here in Fresno, or was. It ends today. Did any of your students make the trek to California this year? Maybe some year you can come out and attend.

    • certainabsurdity Says:

      The furnace is gas. I guess I’ve never thought about NOT having one. The AC unit is outside.

      I’ll have to ask my students if anyone went to Fresno. We go back to school on Thursday this week. Our big Hmong New Year Celebration is at Thanksgiving time. I’ve never been to it. Each year I think, “I should go to that!”

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