Swim Time / Think Time

On Sunday afternoons I’ve been swimming. It’s a good time to go. People are watching football. There are lanes open in the pool. I get in a workout that I don’t have to fit into the work week. I can swim longer because I’ve got more time. But the best part? It gives me time to think.

When I first started lap swimming, a friend of mine said that she’s able to work a lot of things out in her head while swimming. It’s totally true. Besides counting the laps, what else are you going to do? A few weeks ago, I was struggling with what I was going to plan for Algebra 2. I took a break and went swimming. While swimming back and forth for over an hour, I worked it all out. Today, I need to compose an email to my principal. I haven’t done it yet. But during my swim, I worked it out in my head.

So besides it being a great workout. Swimming has had the added benefit of helping my deal with my stress and use the time to work through various issues running through my brain. Too bad I didn’t figure this out earlier… Oh well…


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