Stifled by Technology

I have a problem. The tech guy has been out the last two days. Usually it’s not a big deal. But I’ve got computer issues. Both of them.

Every once in a while my Promethean board doesn’t recognize my Macbook. Usually what I do is just restart the Macbook and everything is fine. When I went to do that on Monday, I tried to log back in and it wouldn’t recognize my password. So I can’t even log in to that computer. It’s a good thing that I have the essential stuff on a thumb drive and can use the desktop computer that’s there. But it’s a bummer that I had made a new flipchart on Sunday that wasn’t on my thumb drive and had to wing it. Oh, and that math review the district wants me to do? Can’t get to that one either… I’ve sent in my ticket to get it fixed.

I went to enter grades on my desktop computer yesterday. Guess what? Some sort of update happened with some software somewhere and my plug-ins need to managed. I can’t see my gradebook. Only a puzzle piece shows up in its place. In order to manage them, I need administrator rights (which I don’t have). Later in the day, another teacher told me that if I use Internet Explorer it will work. So, that’s what I did. It worked fine until I had to add a new assignment. At that point I couldn’t save the new assignment. But lo and behold, if I go back to Firefox, I can add assignments (and save them). So if I want to get my gradebook up to date, the work-around is to use the program in two different browsers. Does this seem a bit ridiculous? I think so too. But alas, I submitted another technology ticket.

On the off-chance that the login thing was a fluke, I tried again today. No luck.

Technology can be great. When it works. Hopefully mine will get fixed soon.


One Response to “Stifled by Technology”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Yeah, that not working part is a real pain. Sorry you have been out of commission. Hope your tech guy can make your world right again.

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