Stifled by Technology

I have a problem. The tech guy has been out the last two days. Usually it’s not a big deal. But I’ve got computer issues. Both of them.

Every once in a while my Promethean board doesn’t recognize my Macbook. Usually what I do is just restart the Macbook and everything is fine. When I went to do that on Monday, I tried to log back in and it wouldn’t recognize my password. So I can’t even log in to that computer. It’s a good thing that I have the essential stuff on a thumb drive and can use the desktop computer that’s there. But it’s a bummer that I had made a new flipchart on Sunday that wasn’t on my thumb drive and had to wing it. Oh, and that math review the district wants me to do? Can’t get to that one either… I’ve sent in my ticket to get it fixed.

I went to enter grades on my desktop computer yesterday. Guess what? Some sort of update happened with some software somewhere and my plug-ins need to managed. I can’t see my gradebook. Only a puzzle piece shows up in its place. In order to manage them, I need administrator rights (which I don’t have). Later in the day, another teacher told me that if I use Internet Explorer it will work. So, that’s what I did. It worked fine until I had to add a new assignment. At that point I couldn’t save the new assignment. But lo and behold, if I go back to Firefox, I can add assignments (and save them). So if I want to get my gradebook up to date, the work-around is to use the program in two different browsers. Does this seem a bit ridiculous? I think so too. But alas, I submitted another technology ticket.

On the off-chance that the login thing was a fluke, I tried again today. No luck.

Technology can be great. When it works. Hopefully mine will get fixed soon.


Slacker Blogger

It has been a month since I last posted something. How did that happen? Am I that much busier than normal? I don’t think so. But then again, maybe I am…

The big change this year is that my school switched from a block schedule (4 periods per day), to a seven period day. In my new situation, I teach five classes, have one regular prep and one data team prep. It has taken a long time to get used to this schedule. After all, I’ve taught on a block for 16 years. I may write more about it at some point. But the big difference is that I’ve got 150 students instead of about 90. I can honestly say that I didn’t confidently know all of their names until about 2 weeks ago. For someone who prides herself in knowing her students, this has been a huge frustration for me. Conferences were horrible. They’d come and sit down and I would have to sneak a look at their mid-quarter report to find their name. I’m still having issues with the timing of everything that I need to accomplish. The kids are having a hard time adjusting too. So I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I have written about my adventures with lap swimming that started this summer. During the girls swim season, I swam at school with the team whenever I could. I actually enjoyed swimming at school with them more than at the community center. There were only 4 girls on the team, so I never had to worry about sharing a lane. Also, the chlorine levels in the school pool aren’t has high because there are way fewer people using the pool. I’m now to the point were I swim a minimum of a mile and a third each time. It takes me a little over an hour. I can get a mile done in 50 minutes. I’m still doing the breaststroke, so that’s a little slower stroke, but it burns quite a few calories anyway. The first time I swam a mile this summer it took me an hour and twenty minutes. So I’ve “shaved” off a half hour of that time. Sadly, the girls swim season is over and the boys are starting up. I’m not going to swim with the boys, so I joined the community center.

During election season I contemplated writing about the constitutional amendments on our ballot this time. I’m happy to say that both the voter ID and marriage amendments got voted down. In my state, the DFL won back the house and retained control of the senate. So politically I’m a happy camper. I’m hoping that they can get something done in the next session.

I just started my latest wine class last night. Exploring Terroir: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It’s always a great way to start the week.

So I just wanted to say hello again. Hopefully I won’t be such a slacker at blogging in the next few months.