What to wear…

I’m going to my first conference for the board to which I was elected last January. Since it will be with a bunch of finance people, my everyday teacher-ware won’t quite cut it. When I travel, I like to travel light. I go to Europe for a week and take a carry-on. Going to this convention, I have to be prepared for so many different situations, I’m taking the giant suitcase that I haven’t used since I traveled to Australia for a three-week trip with students.


My standard for the days will be “no iron” button down shirts. As you can see, I have a multitude of colors from which to choose. My trouser selections are pretty basic, as you can see below.


Now the question is: What do I bring for the “fancy” evenings? As a co-worker of mine asked, “Do you have to lady-up?” Probably. The men have it so easy. They can keep on the same clothes and just add a tie and a jacket. I’ve got some shell and sweater combinations and the jacket on the far right of the shirt picture. Then to throw another variable into the mix, I need to be prepared for air-conditioned rooms and the sunny weather of Tucson. Not to mention, clothing for hiking on a canyon tour, and a few outdoor receptions. Decisions, decisions…

I suppose there are much worse dilemmas to have, than what I should wear…


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