A Week Ago


The landscape is quite a bit different in Tucson. A week ago I traveled there for my first conference as a trustee of the board to which I was recently elected. I’m happy to report that my wardrobe worked out quite well. I took more than I needed, but that was fine. I was prepared for many different situations. Even though I was in Arizona, the long sleeves and slacks were necessary due to the frigid air-conditioning in the hotel.

While there, I was able to do a pre-conference excursion to Sabino Canyon. We rode the tram one direction and walked the 3.6 miles back. It was a really nice walk and I’m glad I did it. When our sessions ended at 4pm I made a point to swim laps in the tiny (17 yard) lap pool. Even though it was a really short pool, it was nice to swim and stretch after sitting all day. Plus, with the copious amounts of food, I needed to find some way to combat  the calorie intake.

Every time I go to Arizona, I’m amazed by the cacti. The Saguaros are amazing. They only grow about an inch per year, and they don’t start growing arms until at least age 50. This one was interesting because of the stuff growing on the top.


The canyon tour was nice because we learned about some of the plants and animals in the area. The weather was great the entire time. Plus, it’s always good when you go someplace and the weather is better than at home.

As I get my thoughts together about the conference, I’m sure I’ll be writing a few more posts about it. But for now, I thought I’d just share a few pictures.



What to wear…

I’m going to my first conference for the board to which I was elected last January. Since it will be with a bunch of finance people, my everyday teacher-ware won’t quite cut it. When I travel, I like to travel light. I go to Europe for a week and take a carry-on. Going to this convention, I have to be prepared for so many different situations, I’m taking the giant suitcase that I haven’t used since I traveled to Australia for a three-week trip with students.


My standard for the days will be “no iron” button down shirts. As you can see, I have a multitude of colors from which to choose. My trouser selections are pretty basic, as you can see below.


Now the question is: What do I bring for the “fancy” evenings? As a co-worker of mine asked, “Do you have to lady-up?” Probably. The men have it so easy. They can keep on the same clothes and just add a tie and a jacket. I’ve got some shell and sweater combinations and the jacket on the far right of the shirt picture. Then to throw another variable into the mix, I need to be prepared for air-conditioned rooms and the sunny weather of Tucson. Not to mention, clothing for hiking on a canyon tour, and a few outdoor receptions. Decisions, decisions…

I suppose there are much worse dilemmas to have, than what I should wear…