Back in the pool

Back in August, I wrote about my new activity – lap swimming. This past week I was finally able to swim after a month off. If you’re a regular reader, you know that I have a skin scan every August and February. This time I had another re-excision with 5 internal stitches and 6 external stitches. I needed to heal from my excisions and wait until my stitches were out before I could go back in the pool.

Monday after school I went to the community center. It was glorious! I did my 33 laps (1 mile). Twenty of my laps were doing the breast stroke. There were people at the pool but I didn’t have to share a lane. It seemed like as soon as someone was done, someone else showed up. I did get a bit of a cramp in my leg at the end, but I kept going and stretched it out. After I was done, I felt so good! It was like I was on some sort of swimmer’s high. I had accomplished a lot and it was only 5pm. I was really excited to find out that going right after school was a great time and fit perfectly into my schedule.

Tuesday, I went again. This time as I was walking in, I could see that there was no one in the pool! When I got to the pool, however, there was one person that was lap swimming. This time I did 26 laps of breast stroke and 10 of others. People come and go. Sometimes I was by myself in the pool. At the end of my laps there were people coming after work. When I got home there was an email from my mom, saying that she had spotted me swimming.

Thursday was my other day to swim this week. I did 30 laps of breast stroke and 6 of using a kick board. I could tell I was faster. I actually think I did 37 laps total and lost count. But this day, there was a pretty good chunk of time when I was the only one in the entire pool area! Well, just me and the lifeguard. There weren’t even parents with their kids in the kiddie pool area. Once again, people did start to come closer to 5pm.

In the meantime, I’ve been scoping out another option for swimming. I haven’t yet joined the community center. I’ve just bought 20 passes to see how much I’ll use it first. I probably will end up joining. But for the time being, I can swim at school with the girls swim team. Normally I would cringe at this idea. But there are only 5 girls on the team and 3 of them are my locker clean-out crew. For matches, they combine with another school. I talked to the coach on Friday to see if he was ok with me swimming during their practice. He was fine with it. He may even give me some pointers or workout ideas. I’ll still go to the community center. But I think I’ll try a couple of days with the girls this week. And hey, it’s free and convenient! In 17 years at my school, I’ve never been swimming in the pool there. It should be interesting!


One Response to “Back in the pool”

  1. certainabsurdity Says:

    Week #2 of lap swimming… 3 days at school with the girls swim team + 1 day at the community center = 4+ miles.

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