What a week.

It’s been quite a week. The first week is short, but it feels like it lasts forever.

I’m trying to get used to teaching 47 minute classes. My entire career I’ve taught under a 4-period day schedule with 84 minute periods. It feels like I barely get attendance taken and I’m sending them on their way. Developing routine is important in the first days. There is so much to do. And too top it off, I have close to 150 names to learn!

I had a few surprises on the first day. My Promethean bulb burned out. I at least had it happen after the district figured out their process for changing the bulb. My bulb got changed today – a mere 2 days after it went out. I only had to use my overhead projector for one day.

When I got to my lunch period on Tuesday, I wolfed down my lunch in about 20 minutes only to realize that it was only 10:30 am by the time I was finished. Lunch? I have a mid-morning snack! I have since learned to eat only part of my lunch during that time and I finish it during my prep with my collaborative team.

Because I’m in charge of all of the lockers, I’m also on that job. There’s always a certain amount of fixing that needs to happen. So in between planning, shuffling double the amount of papers as in the past, union steward stuff, and various other issues, I’m working late. I normally stay about an hour or an hour and a half after school gets out. This week it has been between 2 or 3. I’m hoping that it can get back to normal soon.

There’s one more day left. I am really looking forward to having a weekend. I suppose the good thing about in being Friday tomorrow is that these classes pass so fast that it will be over before I know it.


2 Responses to “What a week.”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Why did you give up the block schedule and go to such short periods? Do you now have a 7 period day?

  2. certainabsurdity Says:

    My school has been on a 4 period day since 1994. This year, the district forced us onto a 7 period day. They want to embed professional development during the day. We were the only school on a “4” for the last few years. Now everyone is on a 6 or 7 period day.

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