Yes, it hurts.

How many extra strength Tylenol can one take? That is the question on my mind right now. I had another re-excision today. It is very similar to the one that I had a year ago. The scar will look the same, just on another part of my body. I’ve got 5 internal stitches and 6 external this time. It doesn’t take that long. I happened to go over my lunch today. I came back to work and went home around 4 pm. Sometime later is when the lidocaine wore off. I like lidocaine. It makes all of this a lot easier. At every excision location I feel “a pinch and a burn” as my dermatologist numbs me up each time. When it wears off, it’s not a big deal and isn’t noticeable when it’s something small. After several stitches? You feel it wear off. It’s not super painful, just an uncomfortable dull ache.

My “wound” is pressure packed and I won’t see it until tomorrow. Sleeping tonight might not be the most comfortable. But life goes on. I’ll heal up as usual. But this time around, I at least have an easier location. It’s on my abdomen so I can see it. I’m relieved that I don’t have to do contortions to bandage something on my back. My stitches will be in until the 11th. So there are lots of band-aids and bacitracin in my future.


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