Freeze it?

I had my semi-annual skin scan yesterday. I only had 2 moles removed this time. That’s almost a record low. They’re both in places I can reach, so the bandaging is not an issue. There was a new nurse this time and he seemed concerned that I didn’t have someone to help me with the one on my back. Ha! I’ve had them in much, much, harder to reach places than this! I don’t even have to be in some weird contortion to reach this one.

So while I was having my scan, my doctor asked me about another spot near my knee. It’s scar tissue that has developed from a bug bite or an ingrown hair. Honestly, I’m pretty sure it was a bug bite gone bad. It’s just a spot with hard tissue underneath the skin. It actually looks like a bug bite that never goes away. “Do you want me to get rid of that?,” she asks. “What? You can get rid of it?” So of course I’m going to take the chance to get rid of it…

After my 2 moles were removed, she used an air gun type thing that must have had nitrogen or some other gas that can freeze these things off. Getting the moles lopped off is a piece of cake. This, was painful enough to be uncomfortable. It didn’t hurt so bad that I wanted to cry or anything. But it was more painful than the mole removal. By the end of the day, the spot had turned into a big blister. I’m sure I shouldn’t pop it. But I was concerned that it might pop in my sleep. It must have gotten a little hole this morning, so it drained quite a bit. Then that hole healed and now it’s full again. It looks like a weird little bubble on the side of my leg. I originally wasn’t going to post a photo, but I’ve probably made you curious. It’s not super bad. It’s just weird. And in the interest of educating anyone that is having this done. I’ll share…


I think the blister is a little bigger tonight. My skin has probably stretched. Once it drains, it should just smooth out and be normal again. Hopefully I didn’t completely gross you out. If you do have some scar tissue that is like a bump on your skin, it’s nice to know that something can be done about it at least.


7 Responses to “Freeze it?”

  1. Jodi Raggio Says:

    I just had 2 age spots frozen off at my dermatologist yesterday. He said it would blister, but didn’t say how big it would get. Yikes! I’m dying to pop it, but know that I shouldn’t. Mine looks exactly like yours pictured above…just a lot bigger. Good luck with yours 🙂

    • certainabsurdity Says:

      Jodi- I did pop mine and drain it. After I did, it filled back up again. Eventually it dries up and scabs over. Now there’s a slight bump, but it’s much smaller than it was and you can hardly notice it. So, eventually, it will heal up and be fine. It just takes some time.

      • Alice Says:

        How long until yours scabbed over? I had 2 big ones removed from my face, and they’re gross. I think they remind me of fish eggs. I have college classes in three days, and got them removed 3 days ago. The larger of the two is a little smaller than a penny, but very dark in color. Thanks~

  2. Jodi Raggio Says:

    LOL…I woke up this morning and couldn’t take it anymore…I had to pop it. It was just so huge. Great to know you did the same. Thanks for letting me know it will fill back up. Might have gotten worried. Having second thoughts about doing this to the tiny ones forming on my face.

  3. lilwoman112002 Says:

    Yesterday I had a farely flat mole on the back part of my hip that was almost the size of a dime. Woke up this morning and it is a huge blister almost the size of a half dollar. Glad I found your post here because I was starting to worry that something was wrong with it.

  4. certainabsurdity Says:

    Alice- It was 2 years ago that I had this done and I don’t remember how long it took to scab over. You could call a nurse line and ask what to do. There are so many people that have growths removed from their faces now that I don’t think it’s alarming to wear a small bandage. If anything, it’s a good reminder to people that sun damage happens to everyone and they should be careful.

  5. Alicia Says:

    What is this actually called? And does it mean it is cancer related?

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