Target Field


Today my day started out with a trip to Target Field. The Twins are out-of-town and on those days, there are plenty of tours that take place at the stadium. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Was this a tour of the facilities or would there be something that I could actually use in my classroom? It was both!

The Twins have a program called Learning Through Baseball. When they set it up, they were really smart about it. They had teachers design it. We started out in one of the lounges that was set up for a math lesson. Depending on the level of your students they tailor the lesson to what you need. At the more basic level, students are calculating their strike zone. Did you know everyone’s strike zone is different? I didn’t. But then again, I’m not a baseball person. They will also do lessons where they do area, volume, statistics or velocity.  Their Scorekeeping 101 looks quite mathematical too. There is also Science at the park. They look at how a baseball is made and observe the impact of the ball with the bat in slow motion. They also talk about vibration and finding the “sweet spot” on a bat – where the vibrations cancel each other out. There are also programs involving Sports Marketing, Architecture, Art, Environment and Sustainability, Heroes of Baseball, Women in Baseball and the Language of Baseball. In looking at their list, they had it all covered. I was so pleased to see a venue that specifically addressed math! The people who teach these topics are people who have been classroom teachers. Some are retired, one is a college prof. And to top it off, when they developed the programs they made sure to align it with state standards! When you decide to bring a group, the Twins organization will have one of their teachers talk with you directly so their lessons can be catered to your students needs. I was very impressed!


On our tour, we went to the visiting team locker room. According to our tour guide, Derek Jeter thought that this was one of the nicest visitor’s locker rooms in the league. The locker room photos are that exciting, but the above photo is the view that the visitors have from their dugout.

Our tour included going into the Champions Club and the Legends Club. The Champions Club is quite spendy and the seats are the comfy chairs right behind home plate. The Legends Club is on the second level and has seats further up. The Press box is on the same level as the Legends Club.


In the Champions Club, you can find a few important trophies… Here’s one of them…


The stadium itself is only in its third season. My first time in it was only about a month ago. A few interesting statistics from the tour are rather interesting. The drainage system under the field can handle rains of 7 inches per hour. Underneath the field it is also heated. There are many “keg rooms” throughout the stadium so the beer concessions are much easier to do logistically. There are 14.2 miles of beer lines in the stadium and they go through 250 – 350 kegs per night. But when the Milwaukee Brewers come to town it’s 350 – 400 kegs. Even though I’m not a big baseball fan, going to a game at Target Field is something that I’d look forward to doing in the future.



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