Museum Hopping


The Science Museum was a repeat from a December visit, but there was a new exhibit. It was all about real Pirates. The kids liked using the audio guides that were interspersed throughout the exhibit. We basically learned that pirates didn’t really have lots of battles and walking the plank and all of that… Most often the crews of the ships that were being attacked surrendered or joined the pirates. It’s not exactly like Hollywood would have you believe. The picture is of the kids standing in front of real treasure. They were silver coins. They were used by weight. If it was too much, they’d snip some off of the edge.

After the pirates there were more parts of the museum to explore. The sneeze girl, Diana, was still there. Nearby there was a spot where you could make a little parachute type of thing and put it in a tube of “wind” to blow it upward. This could have occupied them for hours. Jack was so excited that he was literally jumping up and down as his parachute flew to the top and out.


You can see the orange parachute in the upper left corner of the picture. There were other exhibits, but this one was given a big two thumbs up!


The next day we headed to a museum that was new to me: The Works. It’s an engineering type of museum. Kids can see how things work. There were levers, pulley systems, dams with water, gears, and parts to make cars and race them. Not surprisingly, making cars and racing them is a big hit with these two. They were already making ramps this week at grandma and grandpa’s house out of a cot propped up on a couch. There was an additional part upstairs where they could make their own car out of a box with some wheels, straws and wooden skewers. What can be better than to make a car and take it home with you? So yes, we did that too.

The weekend then arrived and we were off to the cabin. We’ve had a very busy few weeks! I don’t know how parents do it. I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks and I’m exhausted!


One Response to “Museum Hopping”

  1. Peggy Says:

    The Works looks like a great place to take kids! I’m pretty sure Eric would love it too. Thanks for sharing!!

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