Vacation. Finally.

I’ve only been done with school for five days.  But I’ve been fairly productive and have managed to get a nap in every day.  My first vacation day was spent at an all day board meeting.  But after that, I stopped at a frame shop to pick up this:


I got the batik on my trip to Tanzania in August of 2009.  It has taken this long to get if framed because I was afraid how much it would cost.  It’s 53″ x 36″.  Something that large usually costs a fortune to frame.  But because it was a batik, they don’t need to put glass over the top of it and put a simple wood frame around it.  It wasn’t cheap by any means, but definitely affordable.  I’m lucky that it fit in my car.

After that, I had to go buy a new washing machine.  I think that deserves its own post.  But as I’m typing, said new washing machine is on its 3rd load.

I had a few appointments the next day as well as going to the Ford dealer for a recall on my car.  Thursday was a total wash out, but I had the washing machine delivered and installed.  Friday, was the annual strawberry picking day – almost 20 pounds this year. And I went to my favorite mechanics to get an oil change and check out my car before I make a long drive to Motown.  This morning I furthered my goal of getting into vacation mode by having a massage.

The beginning of summer is always good. But every year I wrestle with “coming down” from school. It takes awhile for my body to realize that I don’t have to be “on” all the time. Relaxing is hard work.  😉


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