Rumor Has It

Last night was the Prom.  It usually is a dance that is easy to chaperone.  Only juniors and seniors can attend, so they are a little more mature than a regular dance crowd.  The dance went well and many kids stayed until the end.  So all in all, I think it was a success.

Friday was an early release day so we had shorter class periods.  Since I have a lot of juniors and seniors in Pre Calc we did an activity (problem and discussion) involving blood alcohol levels.  There’s an exponential equation for the risk of getting in a car accident related to your blood alcohol percentage.  It’s an appropriate topic for prom night, I think.  They can easily see how the amount consumed raises your risk exponentially and how these little tiny Hmong girls can barely tolerate a drop compared to the discus thrower and hockey player.  There’s also a chart that tells them what types of behaviors to expect at certain percentages.  For example, alcohol poisoning (and possible death) occurs between .4% and .5%.  It also stresses that the legal limit for someone under 21 is zero, not .8%.  I like this lesson because it is so applicable.

The question that came up throughout the day was whether or not they had a breathalyzer at the prom.  Why yes, they do.  During my first hour someone even asked if they have something like that, that detected if they’d been smoking weed.  I sincerely doubted that, but who am I to quash a good rumor?  “Hmm, I don’t know.” was my response to that question.

Later that night, while at the prom I was talking with one of our assistant principals.  He said that somehow a rumor got started that they would have some sort of weed-a-lyzer at the prom.  It was all over the school by 8:30 am.  We had a good laugh about how this little rumor helped out our cause.  I think I might know how it got started.  I’ll have to confirm that when I get to school next week.  But that well placed rumor certainly was a deterrent for some unwanted behavior!


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  1. Sharkey Says:

    That’s awesome!

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