Surprising Exhibit

On day 1 of using our Roma Pass we went to the Musei Capitolini.  I was excited to realize it was the place where I could get pictures with these…


During the entire trip, I was seeing things that I had studied in my Art History class in college.  I took the class the last semester of my senior year and loved it.  It was probably my favorite class.  I wonder how things may have changed if I took that one earlier in my college career.  That would be a different post…  One of the pieces we studied was the Dying Gaul.  It was neat to see it in person.


The surprising part of this museum was what we had stumbled upon earlier.  It’s a temporary exhibit “Lux in Acarna: The Vatican Secret Archives Reveals Itself.”  There were 100 documents from 12 centuries of history.  You didn’t go through and read the documents.  They were all under glass in low light and had explanations of their significance.  It was very cool to see the signatures of Galileo, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Voltaire, Marie Antoinette, Michelangelo, Bernini, and the list goes on.  One document that caught my attention was particularly ornate with seals on wax hanging below it.  It was the document sent to Pope Clement VII asking for the annulment of the marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon.  If you’ve watched the Tudors, you’re familiar with this story.  If you click on the link to the exhibit and go to the documents page, it’s the one 4th from the right on the top.  Another one of interest was about Martin Luther’s excommunication from the Catholic church.  That document is right below the Henry VIII one if you go to the site.

When you look at all of these documents, it’s crazy to think of how much power the Catholic church had for centuries.  Also, with today’s technology, how many hand written documents are there from our time?  Whatever important documents there are now, they are not all in one place since they happen all over the world.  This really was a unique exhibit and makes me want to know more history.  I’ve never been a history buff.  But when I travel to places with history, then I get interested.  From what I can tell, this is a limited exhibit and will be on view until September of 2012, if you happen to be in Rome.  Even if you’re not traveling to Rome, you might enjoy looking at the Lux in Arcana site.


Steps and More Steps!

It’s amazing how much walking one does on a vacation like this.  Every single day we were walking all over Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.  This time, I signed up for my 10,000 steps program prior to spring break.  So I made a point to wear my pedometer every day.


I didn’t put it on until we actually got to our hotel in Rome.  That evening, we decided to walk around and get our bearings as to where we were in the city.  We were staying very near St Peter’s Basilica.  In fact, when you came out of the hotel, you just looked to the left and there was the dome.  We headed toward St Peter’s then down the Via della Conciliazione and crossed the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele bridge.  At that point we saw a gelateria and stopped.  We ended up walking down a major street and found our way to Piazza Navona.  From there we saw some signs to the Pantheon.  The Pantheon is only the coolest mathematical building in the world!  We had our first look at that amazing building and then we started wandering back toward our hotel.  How many steps for that stroll?  I think my pedometer was about at 10,000.  So just a little 5 mile walk for a warm up!


The next day was our day to go to the Colosseum and The Roman Forum.  We did take the #64 bus to the general area.  We got a little turned around, so we sort of took the long route to the Colosseum.  After touring that and the Roman Forum, we stopped and had lunch at the Capitoline Museum.  After touring the museum we headed back toward the Colosseum to a restaurant that had free wi-fi.  After a glass of wine and bruschetta, we were off to find dinner and then back to the hotel.  How many steps this day? 21,000.  Over 10 miles.


This was typical of each day.  Even on our days where we didn’t plan on doing a lot of walking we still made it up to 10,000 steps without even trying.  When my parents came to pick me up on Monday, I took a look at the total count for the trip.  Can you guess what it was?  100,060.  We walked at least 50 miles!

Coming Soon!

I arrived home on Monday night.  I’m planning on writing about Rome and Sorrento but you’ll have to wait a few more days!


Nice Surprise

I needed to make a few phone calls today.  When traveling, it’s wise to call the bank and credit card companies to let them know that your card(s) will be in use in different locations than usual.  My cards are all associated with the same bank, so at least it was one phone call.

After talking with the dude for the debit card, he transferred me to a gal for the credit cards.  I have 2 cards that I use.  One gets me a dividend at a retailer  that I look forward to each year.  The other is some ambiguous reward program.  I have no clue how those rewards work.  Well, guess what?  The credit card gal noticed that I had a reward due to me.  So after we got all of my travel info sorted out, she asked if I wanted it deposited into one of my accounts or on a VISA gift card.  I just had it put into savings.  But how nice of a surprise was that?!?  It will easily pay for a few nights of hotels on my trip!  My dreaded phone call to the bank made my day!