I woke up this morning to this beautiful scene.  If you haven’t seen hoar-frost, it’s quite a sight.  This has been an eventful week and there’s been a nice shift of the priorities in my life.

I haven’t written a lot lately because my life has been so incredibly busy.  Some of the busy-ness has been fun things.  A lot of my time has been spent on our contract negotiating team.  We finally came to a settlement agreement late Monday night.  It still needs to be ratified.  But I feel good about all we accomplished and the unique process we had this round.  At some point, I’ll probably describe our process, but that will be later.

This was the first week of a new semester.  I have two Pre Calculus classes and one Algebra 2 class.  My kids are wonderful!  I love my classes!  It makes such a difference when you have motivated students and don’t have major discipline issues.

I started a new wine class on Monday.  It’s called, Wine Tour of Italy.  This week there were four Italian wine makers in town.  The instructor had them come to our class, tell us about their wines and then taste them.  It’s always so interesting to hear from the wine maker about their process and decisions about making their wine.  I have several friends taking the class and had a lovely time.

When I arrived home, I realized that I had missed a call on my cell.  Shortly after 10pm I was at the union office because the district wanted to settle before our planned informational picket the next day.  Everything was signed about 11:30pm and the picket was called off.  I got about 5 hours of restless sleep that night.

The rest of the week I could literally feel the stress leaving my body.  I had symptoms of a migraine (I don’t get the headache) on Wednesday during Algebra 2.  We joked around about my inability to see a few things but I felt completely fine and knew it would subside within 20 minutes.  The realization that I now had my Thursday nights free to do what I like was such a relief.  It’s so hard to describe the inner tension and frustration of this process.  But my body definitely knows that it’s time to let go.

So waking up to this beautiful hoar-frost this morning was a nice signal to me that things are changing.  I have a lot to look forward to and I actually will have time to write about it.  So thank you, dear reader, for being patient with me while life has been rather crazy.  There are lots of fun experiences to come!


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