The Sneeze Girl

Today I went to the Science Museum with my nieces and nephew (and my parents).  It was the first time since this past summer that I’ve been there.  So… that means it’s the first time I’ve used my teacher ID to get in FREE!  My dad got a museum membership so he could take the grandkids multiple times and by flashing a school ID he got a nice chunk-o-money off of the membership price.

Another perk of going with grandparents…  We went to the Omni movie about the Amazon.  When the ticket-taker dude saw that Grandma and Grandpa had these little cane things that change into stools, he suggested that we go upstairs and use the special needs entrance.  This turned out to be awesome!  We were the first ones in the theater and could get the best seats!

So… back to the title of my post…


This is Diana with Megan and Jack.  There is a door that opens over Diana’s face and water vapor similar to the force of a sneeze comes out.  Since Megan has been sneezing, it was a very timely lesson.

The exhibit was about the human body.  This exhibit is one that has been used in the past.  Why do I know this?  Because I’ve been going to the Science Museum for years, and Diana is a former student of mine.  When this exhibit first appeared, Diana was in high school.  I would guess that Diana is probably in her mid-twenties by now.  This picture is of a 14 year-old Diana.

So even though I didn’t actually see Diana.  It was fun to see Diana, the sneeze girl, once again.


2 Responses to “The Sneeze Girl”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Did any of your students come to Fresno for the Hmong New Year? There are two going on simultaneously again this year. Wonder how long it will be before they mend fences? Or perhaps, the two generations will keep their separate paths.

    • certainabsurdity Says:

      I’ll have to check when school starts back on Wednesday. I haven’t heard anything about 2 events, but I’ll ask. One of my kids will know…

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