My Latest Reads…

I got my nook about a year ago.  I love it!  I would much rather read than watch television.   I originally got the nook so I could save space and quit accumulating all of these books that I love.  That strategy has worked.  But I’m probably getting more books than I typically would.  Oh well…

Every once in a while I get on a non-fiction kick.  I just finished “That Used to Be Us” by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum.  I won’t attempt to summarize it.  But it is definitely worth reading.  Any young person these days has their work cut out for them.  The competition is fierce for everything that they will do and they have no idea that it’s coming.  I’m pretty much on the left side of the political fence, but the authors make a very good case for what’s wrong with our government and how out of whack it has become.

Since I go to Barnes & Noble every Sunday after church, I thought I’d try to read a book in the store for free for an hour each Sunday.  I started reading  Rob Lowe’s autobiography, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” about a month ago.  I only lasted about 4 weeks until I broke down and bought it.  The idea of reading his book never crossed my mind until I saw a lady reading it in my dentist’s office.  But honestly, I was one of those teenagers that went to movies just because he was in them.

For some reason, I was surprised at how entertaining and read-able this book was.  The stories of his career and various people he has worked with and has met were really interesting.  I think we all have our own stories about becoming comfortable in our own skin.  He goes through the same things that many of us experience, but it’s on an entirely different scale.  I’m not going to give away the book, but I will tell you that it’s worth the read.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What’s up next?  I downloaded The Hunger Games a long time ago.  I should read that.  I’m not sure when the mood will strike me.  So many books…  So little time…


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