It always makes me wonder…

My students are 14 – 19 years old.  Sometimes I really wonder about their home lives.  They have these bodies that are almost adults, yet they seem like young children.

I have a particular student.  He’s actually pretty good at math.  He likes to put his head down in class.  That’s always an issue with me.  Apparently he’s also a drug dealer.  He seems like he should be classified in the adult world.  But as I go back to check on him while he has his head down, I notice something.  He’s sucking his thumb.

I’ve had a few thumb-suckers in the past.  I don’t make anything of it or point it out.  But it always makes me wonder about them.  I know it’s a comforting reflex.  But at 16?  What kind of shape are these kids in if they’re still sucking their thumb when they are legally able to drive?

Anybody else out there have experience with this?  Care to shed some light on it for me?


One Response to “It always makes me wonder…”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Depends on his drug of choice. There is one that creates the need to suck on something. Many years ago, the kids who used that drug had pacifiers. I know it seems ridiculous, it’s just what it is. Trying to describe my life as an inner city high school teacher became too hard.

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