Week 1, Round 16

The first week of school is only four days.  But it’s the longest week of the year.  I was in bed at 8:30 last night.

The physical and mental energy it takes to do this job is incredible.  I feel like I’m at the beginning of a workout routine.  The beginning is always tough.  You’re getting your muscles and your endurance in shape.  When I came home on Tuesday I could tell that I had been on my feet all day.  I could feel it in my hip joints.

My prep period this year is the last hour of the day.  I haven’t had 4th hour prep in years!  I feel like I go, go, go, slam my lunch, go, walk the halls and then crash.  The fatigue factor of 4th hour prep is something I remembered, but only vaguely.  All I want to do is stare at the wall.  Hopefully I’ll get used to it in a hurry.  It is nice to be done with my teaching duties at 12:30.  But we’ll see if my productivity increases as the weeks go on.

My classes seem pretty good.  I’m teaching all Algebra 2 right now.  I have my same TA as I did last quarter.  He’s a totally awesome kid and he already knows what I need done!

My prep work should be less this year since the Promethean Board is not new.  I’ve got all of my flip charts made.  I just need to tweak them for this round.

So all in all, it was a good start to the school year.  But I’m glad I’ve got the weekend to recover!


One Response to “Week 1, Round 16”

  1. dkzody Says:

    I gather you’re on block schedule? I loved block schedule, but the rest of the faculty hated it and it went away. We are a 7-period day, with most kids taking 6 classes, and faculty teaching 5. Teaching 5 classes a day wore me out. I would love to teach only three.

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