Better Safe than Sorry

A few weeks ago I went in for my semi-annual skin scan.  I usually come home with a few chunks of skin removed.  This time it was three.   Of the three, only one was easy to reach.  The one I was most concerned about was the one that was close to my melanoma scar.  The other two seemed similar to ones that had already been removed and had been fine.

It’s better not to try to guess about these things.  It turns out the other two were ones to be concerned about.  They weren’t pre-cancerous or any melanoma cells.  There were just abnormal cells.  They can’t say what will happen in the future with those cells.  So to be on the safe side, they remove the cells and make sure there are clean margins.  The easy-to-reach mole was small enough that the biopsy took care of having clean margins.  The hardest-to-reach mole was a big sucker and needed a re-excision.

My re-excision is about the same size as my melanoma scar.  I have 3 internal stitches and 7 external ones.  I was kind of a geek and had the nurse take a picture when it was first done.  Now it has been a week and for me to get a closer look at how it’s healing, I have to take a photo with the timer and zoom in.


I do have a fair amount of people who search for melanoma scars and get referred to my blog.  So since this one looks a lot better than when it was fresh, I’m sharing.  It looks like it’s healing fine to me.  I get the stitches out on Monday.  🙂


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