Another Tasting Experience


During my Oregon trip we went to the Rogue Brewery in Newport.  I actually have had Rogue beer, here in the midwest.  The one that I have had is Rogue Dead Guy.  I’ll admit that I ordered it because of its name the first time… I like it!

I really don’t know much about beer in comparison to wine.  I think I don’t like beer that tastes really “hoppy,” if you know what I mean.

We were each able to taste 4 different beers.  Well… we made sure that we ordered different ones, so we actually tasted way more than four.  For example, I ordered the Chocolate Stout while my sister ordered the Mocha Stout and we tasted each others.  She tried a smokey ale that you literally could be drinking the smoke from a camp fire.  My sister-in-law ordered a Chipotle ale.  That one was another one that wasn’t completely finished.

I like beer, just not as universally as I like wine.  I can drink practically any wine.  Not so with beer.  I keep trying to find a darker beer that I like.  The 3rd glass had a hazelnut ale that was actually pretty drinkable.

Just another note about beer…  I remember when I first tasted the stuff and hated it.  Then one summer I was at some outdoor festival thing and had a beer in the hot weather and liked it!  I was so excited that I actually liked beer!  I wasn’t going to be one of those wimpy girls that couldn’t drink a beer.

I still am much more apt to drink wine at home.  But a beer is always good on a Friday after a long week at school!  Rogue Dead Guy may be one of my choices very soon.


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