When Politics Gets in the Way of Kids

Today I did my summer teacher thing of going out to lunch with a few colleagues.  Both of these friends worked summer school this year.  One as an Assistant Principal and the other as a Reading teacher.  We had a very enjoyable, leisurely 2 hour lunch, which included dessert – as opposed to the 25 minutes we usually have when we’re working.

We kept our conversation off of school topics for the most part.  We’re all still in denial that we have to go back to work in a few weeks.  But we did talk a little about it.

The reading teacher is one that really does a good job with students.  Whenever I hear a student talking about her, it’s always in praise.  They’re always talking about what an awesome teacher she is.  She does a really good job getting kids ready to take the test that they have to pass to graduate for reading.  Well, guess what happened this summer?  She got the kids all prepped to take the test.  But there was no test.  The state was shut down.

These kids know that this is a high stakes test.  They wanted to take it.  They need as many chances as they can get.  But because of the state shut down, they couldn’t take their test.  What a shame.

Here it is, another consequence of when adults get in the way of kids.  Too bad it’s the kids that always suffer.


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