The Walker

The Walker Art Center is a special place.  It is very unique.  Most people think of this when they hear of it…

Spoonbridge & Cherry

There was a downpour this morning, so we were not able to tour the sculpture garden.  Hopefully jpellgen is ok with me using his photo.

I’ll admit, the Walker isn’t my favorite museum.  It’s modern art.  A lot of it, I just don’t get.  I usually wander though wondering what makes this so special?  A rolled up rug?  An octagon of off-white on the wall?  Some cardboard pieced together?  Huh?

Today we started with a tour of of the Midnight Party exhibition.  Probably not my favorite.  There were a few cool pieces that I liked.  At the end of the tour was the Vanitas: Flesh Dress for and Albino Anorectic by Jana Sterbak.  Lady GaGa did not come up with an original idea for her’s.  Click on the link for a description and a picture.  It’s quite interesting.

Later in the morning we did a Writing Through Art activity.  I ended up in the poetry group.  Me?  Write poetry?  It was actually a really cool exercise. The different writing exercises are found here.

We were in the Absentee Landlord exhibit, which was put together by John Waters.  He used his favorites from the Walker’s permanent collection and grouped them into 3 galleries.

Our task was to write Cinquain Poems.  We wrote our first one together.

The piece that we looked at was called Low Overhead.  Click on the link to take a look.  I don’t think I can copy the image to this site.


Striped, Whimsical

Looking, Living, Opening

What’s on the other side?


After our group came up with the poem, I could appreciate the art better.  Writing about it helped me to understand it.  We did another to get the hang of it.  We were then able to peruse the galleries and find one to write about ourselves.  I can’t find an image of the one that I did.  But here’s my poem…


Red, Shapes, Random

Flowing, Curving, Swirling

What could it really be?


I liked it because it reminded me of what my doodles look like.

At my school everyone but the math teachers has been trained in write to learn strategies.  It makes me wonder if this is similar.  I’m more curious about this now because writing did indeed help me to learn about and understand the artwork.

One of our docents made some interesting comments about the wacky stuff you find at the Walker.  A student that is kind of quirky can identify with it.  They’re not like everyone else.  They don’t fit the mold, and that’s ok.  Many of these artists were probably just like them.

I’ve been to the Walker, but I’ve always come away with that ‘I don’t get it‘ feeling.  That’s ok not to get it.  This time I came away with a tool to help me appreciate it.


2 Responses to “The Walker”

  1. lakelmo54 Says:

    The Walker is one of my most favorite places to be. Maybe it’s a feeling of belonging. I just feel accepted there. Thanks for writing out it.

    • lakelmo54 Says:

      …meant to say, Thanks for writing about it! (Learned one cannot go back and correct one’s mistake here

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