Science Museum


Of all of the venues this week, the Science Museum is the one that I come to the most.  Many times, I’m not coming for the exhibits.  I go there to chaperon the prom.

Today I was there to learn about what the Science Museum can offer my students and other educators.  The focus of this museum is discovery.  There are no guided tours.  The exhibits are interactive.  There are also different stations where volunteers are there to assist in doing various experiments and demonstrations.  All age levels can find something of interest at this place.

There are a variety of things that are offered to assist schools.  One is called the Science House.  It’s a resource center for educators.  You are able to borrow sets of bones, talk with a specialist about integrating something into your curriculum, attend workshops, and many more.  Just click on the link to check it out for yourself.  I know that my district is a member because one of my science teacher buddies uses this resource extensively.

They also have something called The Big Back Yard.  It’s mini-golf.  At each hole is a different learning experience.  September 20 – 30, 2011 it will be exclusively for school groups.

While we were there, we did an activity.  It was called Up Close and Personal.  Now I’m thinking about how to incorporate sketching into my math activities.  We also needed to ask questions about what we sketched.  So often we focus on getting answers.  This activity focused on the questions.

All of these years, I’ve been going to the Science Museum and paying for admission.  Guess what?  Teachers (or any school district employee) get in FREE!  Even the omni movie is FREE!  Special exhibits, however, are not.

After our session, we were given time to explore on our own.  I figured that I could come back any time for free.  So I decided to see the special exhibit.  Right now it is Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs.  I don’t think that in the past I’ve noticed the different faces.  It was interesting for me to look at the differences between Ramses, Amenhotep, and the rest of the gang.  They also showed a lot about Howard Carter discovering the tomb.  At the end of the exhibit there was a replica of the body of King Tut.  The information on the walls showed the various discoveries they have made as technology has gotten better.  The latest has been DNA testing.

The Science Museum of Minnesota is a great resource for teachers.  Students like all of the exploration that is available.  Of all of the sites we’re visiting, this is the place that I was most familiar with.  But there was still a lot more information to learn!  I’m sure I will be frequenting this museum even more often!


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