Fruit Prep

A few weeks back I started getting ready for my annual jam making.  This past year, my mom and I didn’t get it made until Christmas vacation.  It actually works out quite well to do all of the fruit prep first and then wait until you have the time to make the jam.  It was kind of nice to do it during the winter.  A hot stove on a cold day is better than hot stove on a hot day.

The first day that I got back from Motown, I brought my helpers to the strawberry patch to pick those.  Because of our cool spring, it was only day 4 of picking and it was already June 28th!  We picked about 19 pounds of strawberries.  The berries were so plentiful that it didn’t take that long.  Jack and Megan picked ahead of me.  I brought up the rear with a more thorough job of it.  We only had to do one long row.


Later that day, I went to Costco and got some more berries.  This time, blue and black.



On Wednesday, I went to the Farmers Market to get some rhubarb.


All of it is clean and chopped and frozen.  Now all I need is a little time!


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