When it comes to lasting ones, it takes me awhile.  Last summer is when I hatched the idea of re-financing and using extra money to make home improvements.  On Tuesday, I’m meeting with my contractor.


Originally, when looking at tile, I was totally drawn to slate.  I love the look of slate!  When I looked at tile last fall, I decided that my best bet would be porcelain tile.  Then life got busy and I didn’t think much about it.  This spring is when I got more information.  So, I finally decided on quartzite (in the slate family) and travertine.  Personally, I love the tile.  I think the natural stone is beautiful!

It has taken me several months to make my decisions about my bathroom re-model, but I’m totally comfortable with my final decisions.  My shower will have 12″x 12″ quartzite (right 3 in pic) tile on the bottom part.  About eye-level, there will be a pencil line with three rows of .75″ x .75″ squares.  Above that, I’ll have a subway (think bricks) tile pattern of 3″ x 6″ tiles.  The bathroom floor will be 12″ x 12″ tumbled travertine (left tile in pic).  I’ll replace the vanity counter top with “butterfly gold” granite.

I still have to pick out a light fixture.  But hey, that seems pretty minor compared to what I’ve already decided.   The work will be done in July.  I’m sure I’ll be giving you updates as the project progresses.


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