Upgrading. Finally…


I’ve been thinking about getting a new cell phone for at least a year.  When I got my new car, it came with the SYNC system.  But my phone was too old to sync.  Since I’ll be making my drive to Motown next week, I wanted to get a new phone.  So as you can see, I finally did.  But there’s a funny story here…

I had a student a few years ago that was a master at any kind of cell phone.  Luis knew everything you would ever need to know about phones.  So last year when I was thinking about getting one, I emailed him.   He wrote me back and gave me three recommendations for what he thought I would need.  He even told me which store to go to.  Don’t go into the mall stores, those guys don’t know anything.  Go to the one outside the mall.

So today I went to the store outside the mall.  I was just figuring I’d talk to one of the salespeople and they could help me.  I didn’t have the time to email Luis.  Plus, I was feeling slightly like a loser since I didn’t get one last year when I asked him.

The phone dude helped me pick a plan for my basic needs.  I don’t want to be a slave to my phone, but it would be nice to have a little internet and the GPS app.  After deciding on the plan, it was time to look at the phones.  We turn to go to the wall with all of the phones, and who do I see?  LUIS!

I was so excited to see him!  The sales dude must have thought I was nuts.  Luis was there with his family.  They were getting new phones for themselves.  I ended up getting the phone that Luis had.  (He was there to upgrade).  I was able to find out what he’s studying in college.  Do you know there is now a field called nano technology?  He’s doing great!  To top it off, he gave me a business card so I can contact him if I need help with the phone.

Right now the thing is charging.  I’m sure I’ll have to play around with it.  I’m sure later I’ll be sitting in my car, reading the manual, trying to connect it to the SYNC.  Oh well, at least I’m finally doing it!


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