Coming Down

The first part of summer vacation is always interesting.  I always have to recover from the school year.  Sometimes I deliberately plan a trip to try to speed up the process.  In past years I’ve gone to Colorado to stay with friends.  I can always relax there and because I’m away from home, I don’t feel like I should be doing all of the stuff that needs to be done here.

This year, I’m just going about my normal business.  I don’t have anything major scheduled right away.  Next week I’ll be heading to Motown and then bringing Megan and Jack back with me.  Yesterday I signed up for two summer classes.  One is a field-trippy class like the one I took last summer.  The other is online and I’ve already read the book.  I’m planning a few other trips for later in the summer.  And lastly, I’ll be calling a contractor to line up the bathroom remodel job.

I guess I’m not making a conscious effort to force myself to relax.  I’m hoping it just happens on its own.  I’m trying to get to bed at a decent time and wake up at a normal time.  I ran this morning.  So hopefully I’ll get into a regular schedule of exercise too.  I’ve even cleaned.  Wow.  What’s happening to me?


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