The Other Ms B

If you are a teacher, you probably have another teacher in your building whose name or look is similar to yours and the kids inevitably call you by his or her name.  There have been a few people in my building that fit either the name or the look category.

For some reason, when Margaret was teaching down the hall from me, the kids would often ask if we were sisters.  I think we both thought that this was a nice complement.  We would sometimes play it up, but we’d mostly just chuckle and have a good laugh.  We’d even joke with our kids and ask them why they thought we were sisters.  “Is it ’cause we’re white?”

The one that I get called the most is the other Ms B in the building.  We’re pretty close to the same age, height, hair coloring, etc.  Plus, “Ms B” works for both of us.  This morning I ran into the other Ms B in the hallway.  We took a look at each other and just started laughing.

Ms B:  Now they’re really not going to be able to tell us apart.

We were both wearing khaki type capri pants, shirts of a similar shade of orange and a light weight white jacket.

Later in the day I ran into her and she said, “Do you want to come into my class and see if they notice?”


2 Responses to “The Other Ms B”

  1. dkzody Says:

    Mrs. Zinn and Mrs. Zody. We were interchangeable.

    • certainabsurdity Says:

      Wow. Two teachers with last names that start with Z? That’s just rare in itself! My name and the other Ms B aren’t nearly as close!

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