We had heard of this ginjinha stuff from Margaret. But what on earth is it and why do they sell shots of it on the street?


Ginja is something similar to a cherry brandy. Only a few steps from our hotel there was a stand that sold shots of it for 1.2 euros. You don’t actually do it like a shot. You sip it. Sometimes there are small cherries in the bottom of your cup. A few times we had our ginjinha in a chocolate cup (above photo). Yum! And the ultimate ginjinha experience is Ginjinha Com Chocolate. It is ginjinha infused with dark chocolate. Liquid heaven!

We planned on checking our luggage. But after Obidos, it was a must since we both bought some Chocolate Ginjinha to take home with us. The main places where we saw ginjinha stands were Lisbon, Sintra and Obidos. We started a ginjinha shot count for the trip but we only made it to five. You just didn’t see it as much in the north. Oh well…

If you ever get to Lisbon or anywhere in Portugal. Make sure you give it a try.


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