You just never know…

what they’ll say…

I’m in my groove, standing up on my little plywood stage, smackin’ my math examples on my Promethean Board (sometimes you really have to smack that board to get the pen to work)…

do-da-do (musical tone that my computer makes to alert me to email)

A few of them look around.  The thought bubbles appear, “Whose phone made that noise?”

Me: My email must be open in another window.  It’s the computer.

Student (slyly shaking his head):  It’s your boyfriend.  Right?

Me (with an eye-roll speaking to said student): No…  I’m single.  It’s just an email.

Student (trying to capitalize on getting me off task and makes a combo statement/question):  But you’ve got a friend with benefits.

At this point I’m a bit stunned about what this student is saying and also wanting to laugh.  I realize that I walked right into that one.  The student has succeeded in getting me off task.  But the problem is, he doesn’t get it that his joke needs to stop.  It would have been nice if there was time and I could take him off to the side and explain that he’s inappropriate in his efforts to be funny and needs to learn when to stop.  But it didn’t work out that way and I had to send him out.

I have to chuckle at the whole thing.  If any of you have read about my dating experiences on here, you know that I’ve pretty much bombed out in that area.  I’m trying to remember my last date and I’ll admit that I can’t even think of it.  I bet the whole incident would have gone differently if I would have said, “yep, it’s probably him.”


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