Teaching the Blind

I’ve dealt with kids that have vision issues before.  You move them close to the front, print out extra notes for them, verbalize everything you do, etc.  Broken glasses and lost contacts are things that you just deal with by using the previously listed methods.

This year it seems to be more prevalent.  Not only do I have the broken glasses and contact issues, but I have another issue.  They can’t see and they don’t get any help to fix the problem.

I have at least three kids in one class that probably need glasses.  They’re all sitting in the front.  But they have no glasses.

For one student, I first discovered the issue during the 2nd week of the quarter.  He came and sat by my computer so he was only about 1 foot away from my screen and could see what I was writing on my Promethean Board with the notes.  Later that day, I found a note that he left me.  It gave me the names of his mother and step mother with their phone numbers.  He asked me to call them and tell them that he needed glasses.  There was also a “PS.  Please don’t call my dad” at the end of the note.  That day, I made the two phone calls.  I left a message for step-mom and got a hold of mom.  Mom said, “I’ll call his dad.  He doesn’t live with me.”  Has anything happened with said student?  Nope.

Today I stopped by the nurse’s office during my hall duty.  She said that if they don’t have insurance she might be able to give them a coupon for an exam and glasses.  I don’t know how much they would have to pay, but she would also need to know the family income for them to qualify for this coupon thing.

So tomorrow, I’ll start having my discreet conversations about getting glasses with these students.

When I first started writing this blog, the main idea was to show how many things I do are outside the range of strictly teaching math.  So here’s another to add to the list…


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