No free wi-fi at a Hilton?  There’s free wi-fi all over the place.  Starbucks, McDonald’s, Caribou, Barnes & Noble, mom and pop coffee shops…  But not the Hilton.

I’m at an AFT Collective Bargaining Conference in San Diego.  I’ve never been to San Diego.  I can’t remember when I’ve been in California to stay for a few days.  I’ve been passing through LAX a few times or flying over on my way to Asia, but I don’t think I’ve stayed since I was in the single digits.

On my flight I did get to see the Grand Canyon from the air and a nice sunset over the Pacific.  I found the airport shuttle easily and checked in.  My room is fairly close to all of the conference locations.  My first decision was which bed to sleep in.  Hmm… Maybe I’ll try the other one another night.

Food was next on my list of needs.  My options tonight consisted of two hotel restaurants.  I ended up with the bar option.  A glass of Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley along with a small pizza was a nice end to the long day.  But guess what?  I’m two time zones later than normal.  It’s only 8:30 and I’m ready for bed.


I found some free wi-fi but I have to sit in the conference lobby to use it.  Oh well…



2 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. Sharkey Says:

    The cheaper the hotel, the greater the chances of free wifi. The more expensive the hotel, the greater the chance you’ll have to pay.

  2. dkzody Says:

    I hate those hotels in SD for that very reason. I had to pay for internet. Could hardly believe it. Are you next to the convention center? Go across the street to a fish place, think it’s called Tin Fish or something like that, just across the rail track. It’s very good.

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